Brace yourself, Winter is coming

Damp, slippery floors are incredibly unsafe in warehouses, where staff work side-by-side with heavy machinery and tremendous loads. In fact, it is tremendously important that the floor of every workroom shall be maintained in a clean and so far as possible, a dry condition.

Everyone agrees that floors should be kept dry, but follow-through becomes a challenge in the winter, when staff track in snow and ice with every trip out. To make matters worse, the cold may lead to condensation on concrete floors concerning either further issue.

not only are floors a problem but as winter comes closer pressure washers also feel the cold as it can cause issues with water freezing in the machine and the cold weather actually warping the pump itself! That is why here at  Columbus we want to provide our customers with some of our advice and supply quality products that wont buckle under the weather.

Here are a few hints and tips:

– Stay vigilant with your housekeeping. No matter how careful your employees are, if it’s snowing outside, they’ll track snow into your facility. You may have to increase floor-cleaning intervals in winter and on entry to the facility have individuals clean their shoes.

– Place waffle mats just inside every facility entrance.  The simplest way to handle tracked-in snow is to give employees a way to scrape it off their boots before they enter the building.

– Conduct regular Inspections. Stay on top of your facility and your machinery by keeping check on how the floor and machines are doing, making sure that they are working correctly and also that there is no build up of dirt or condensation on the floor.

If you want more tips and tricks or would like to chat more about the best options make sure to contact us by phone or email. Contact information can be found on our home page.