Interclean Breaks Records!

Interclean Breaks Records!

The 2018 edition of Interclean Amsterdam was the largest and most international exhibition so far, attracting a record number of visitors from more countries than ever before.

Visitors were able to enjoy countless activities on exhibitor stands, including a folklore performance, a basketball court, and virtual reality demonstrations. More visitors than ever spent three days on the show floor, with the robot arena, InnovationLAB and Healthcare Cleaning Forum complementing Interclean’s lively atmosphere.

Rob den Hertog, Director Interclean Global Events at RAI Amsterdam, said: “Our statistics do tell you something, but it’s the testimonies that really spoke to me. A great number of people took the time to tell me how much they enjoyed the atmosphere, which I find just as important as, if not more than, the numbers. Interclean was the place to be for our industry this year, and I’m very pleased with the results.”

The floorplan for Interclean Amsterdam 2018 comprised of stands from 892 companies, located across 47 countries. 33,710 professionals from 143 countries visited across the four days. 77% of the visitors came from outside the Netherlands, with many newcomers including Jamaica, the Seychelles, Kingdom of eSwatini (formerly Swaziland), Mongolia and Bolivia.

Taking place alongside the show was the first Healthcare Cleaning Forum, bringing together 300 healthcare professionals from 46 countries to explore and discuss the biggest challenges and solutions in healthcare cleaning today, through seminars and expert demonstrations.

Also announced at the show were the results of the Amsterdam Innovation Awards, with the Kira B50 from Kärcher taking the Overall Winner gong, along with winning the ‘Machines, accessories, components’ category.

SYR’s Powr-Mop Lite won the ‘Equipment/tools for cleaning, care and safety’ category, SystemONE from Vermop took home the gong for the new ‘e-Cleaning’ category, while Essity won both the ‘Management, training solutions and related products’ category and the coveted Visitor’s Choice Award for the Tork PaperCircle.

The Innovation Award also handed over a donation of €12,000 to the African Medical & Research Foundation (AMREF) Flying Doctors and its project in Kilindi, Tanzania, providing accessible water and sanitary facilities for the community.

Santoemma at Interclean Amsterdam 2018


The final chapter of our suppliers at Interclean Amsterdam 2018!

The Columbus UK sales & marketing team were very excited to visit our good friends and suppliers at Santoemma at this years Interclean expo.

The Columbus UK team were heartily greeted by Mr Mario Meazzi, who after a knowledgeable introduction, talked the Columbus UK team through all of the new and exciting products that Santoemma brought to the table this year, one of which was the brand new line of heavy-duty, upright industrial vacuum cleaners, which Columbus currently are in the process of incorporating into our portfolio of products, and will soon be available on our website!


[foogallery id=”3040″]


As well as Santoemma’s new range of heavy-duty upright vacuum cleaners, they were very excited and keen to show us their new line of foam cleaning machines, intended for the bathroom and tiled surface use, as well as the New Nikita and Nikita Mini, which are both ride-on carpet cleaning machines, with more information to come!

Columbus UK will very soon be adding these new products to our already impressing portfolio of products, and are confident that the industries they are relevant to with taking notice of their effectiveness!


Hako at Interclean Amsterdam 2018 Day 4

One of the highlights of Columbus UK sales and marketing team was paying a visit to one of Columbus UK’s newest suppliers, the German manufacturer, Hako.

Columbus UK already has a specialist selection of Hako cleaning machines available, this is the result of Hako inviting the Columbus UK team down to one of their depots in Wakefield, where they kindly demonstrated some of the machines that Columbus UK was interested in adding to our extensive portfolio of products.


[foogallery id=”3023″]


When Columbus UK saw that Hako was exhibiting at this years Interclean Amsterdam, it was one more reason to visit, as we know that Hako would have some great and exciting new products to showcase, such as the new additions to the very successful “Scrubmaster” range of ride-on floor scrubber driers (video below), as well as Hako’s newest innovation in the field of robotics, the “Hi-One” automatic floor scrubber drier!

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”uUZ2SXJP_fU” ]
[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”Afo5ZaKcMzk” ]

Another Cleaning solution that was of interest for the Columbus UK team was that of the new Hako pre-sweep attachment module available for the Scrubmaster range of ride-on floor scrubber driers, which will combine the debris cleaning capability of a ride-on sweeper with the hard surface cleaning power of the Hako Sctubmaster ride-on scrubber driers.

Andy Boland – Columbus UK Technical Sales Manager

“I found the Hako exhibit to be a real eye-opener to just how far the professional cleaning industry has become. While at the Hako exhibit, I spoke to some of the representatives of Hako, such as Mark who talked us through all of Hako’s latest products, and was introduced to Hako’s “Minuteman” range of automatic and programmable ride-on scrubber driers. Also, the hospitality of Hako during our visit was exceptional, as was the free food and drink provided to visitors to the exhibit!”


For the next edition of the Columbus UK blog, we will be taking a look at one of our oldest and largest suppliers, Italian manufacturer, Santoemma!

Truvox at Interclean Amsterdam 2018 Day 3!

Another one of our long-standing suppliers that were present at the Interclean Amsterdam 2018 convention was Truvox.


[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”HDvyj9ESC8I” ]


Truvox, like CTM, have been supplying Columbus UK with high quality, reliable and robust machines for a long time, and the Interclean Amsterdam Expo was the perfect opportunity for Truvox to show off their vast array of products, both new and current! such as the very popular and best-selling range of  Truvox Orbis single disk rotary floor buffing machines, and the Truvox “Trusweep” compact pedestrian sweeper!


For the Columbus UK sales and marketing team, one machine that many of our customers hold in high regard is the Truvox “Multiwash” pedestrian scrubber drier, which will wash, mop, scrub and dry on a vast array of flooring surfaces, both hard and soft.


(The Truvox Stand)


With that said, the Columbus UK team were very excited to hear about the new and upgraded version of the Truvox Multiwash, which has been upgraded from its predecessor in almost every area, as well as receiving a brand new paint job, which has garnered positive feedback from current users of the Truvox Multiwash.


Having just moved to new premises at the very start of this month, and exhibiting at the show, it seems that things are moving forward nicely for Truvox, and the release of their new products such as the Truvox Multiwash 2 is sure to add more momentum for them!


For the next edition of the Columbus UK blog series, we will be looking at our newest supplier, Hako, who undoubtedly had the largest exhibition of the show!


CTM at Interclean Amsterdam 2018! Day 2

As mentioned in the previous Blog, the Columbus UK sales and marketing team recently flew to Amsterdam to visit the Interclean 2018 cleaning technology Expo at the RAI convention centre, located just south of the city centre!

The main purpose for our visit was to gain an insight into industry innovations and new products, but also, to visit and check in with our current suppliers, in this case, our main supplier of cleaning equipment, Italy based CTM.

CTM has been supplying Columbus UK with the highest quality machines for a number of years, and this year they continue the trend of Innovative ideas and forward thinking when designing their new products, a few of which were on show during Interclean Amsterdam 2018.

The Columbus UK team took particular notice in the new “Dart” pedestrian scrubber drier, which to a visitors eye appears to resemble a miniature version of very popular Leonis pedestrian scrubber drier (video below)


[foogallery id=”3006″]


[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”Ceh_YwuS9Ts” ]


This machine, however, does have some strengths of its own when compared to the Leonis pedestrian scrubber drier, it is smaller, and therefore easier to transport and manoeuvre, and is able to clean smaller areas that a traditional, larger scrubber drier is not able to reach! This new machine is due to be revealed to the consumer market in early 2019.

A representative from CTM informed the Columbus UK sales and marketing team that they also have some other exciting new products currently being developed which unfortunately could not be displayed at Interclean Amsterdam 2018 due to the sensitive nature of the designing.

There was, however, a great display by CTM of a wide range of their existing products, from sweepers to steam generators, such as the CTM CSW 788 BT pedestrian Sweepers, and the CTM CSG Steam Generator, both of which are supplied in the UK by Columbus UK.


Mr Luca Gola from CTM had this to say about Interclean Amsterdam

“We are very satisfied with the quality and quantity of the new leads we had this edition. All four days we had a consistent and continuous flow of visitors interested in our wide range of cleaning machines. Exhibiting for several years already we notice a positive brand recognition with the visitors. Also, I have noticed the high level of decision makers and a growing number of customers focused on high-pressure washers, pushing the fair far ahead as THE worldwide one stop for professional cleaning.”


Check back on our next blog to read about the Columbus UK sales and marketing teams visit to another one of our suppliers, Truvox.


Interclean Expo Amsterdam 2018 Day 1

Recently, the Columbus UK sales & marketing team returned from our visit to Amsterdam for the 2018 Interclean expo, which is recognised as the ultimate trade show for the professional cleaning industry, showcasing all of the latest products, innovations and designs from some of the worlds largest manufacturers.

Upon arrival in Amsterdam, the Columbus UK team began their trip by visiting some sights around the city and getting a lay of the land in preparation for the start of the show the following day, however, the weather was stunning, thus prompting an excellent start for our visit!

The Interclean trade show and expo showcases all of the latest and innovative cleaning products and solutions, inspiring sessions on cutting-edge topics and the technology of the future, this is where you gain an overview of business opportunities in the professional cleaning industry.

Hosted in the RAI convention centre roughly 15 minutes south of Amsterdam city centre, over 800 Exhibitors came from across the globe to be part of this extravaganza, suppliers from the USA, Russia, China, India, Argentina, Italy and many more come to demonstrate their unique products and innovations.

The Columbus UK teams visit was for very specific purposes, namely to meet our suppliers and witness what types of new products they had developed and where ready to distribute, to learn more about our industry and also to research into if there were gaps in the portfolio of products that Columbus UK could offer its customers.

During our visit, we were to witness the next phase in the evolution of the cleaning industry, namely self-driven, intelligent and economic robotics, such as the “HiOne” robotic pedestrian scrubber drier demonstrated by one of our newest suppliers, German manufacturers hako, who are currently in partnership with USA based manufacturer Minuteman, who were also demonstrating the reveal of their own brand of robotic ride-on scrubber drier, which is powered by sophisticated software produced by Brain Corp.

Some of our more established suppliers had new products of their own to show us.

Our main supplier, Italy based CTM were at the forefront of the show, demonstrating their new sweepers, steam generators and most noticeably, their new compact pedestrian scrubber drier!


Truvox were demonstrating their latest innovation, the “Multiwash 2”, which on top of being an upgrade in all areas over its predecessor, also has a new colour scheme which received very positive feedback from visitors!


Our Italian supplier Santoemma were present showing their latest range of carpet cleaning equipment and most noticeably to Columbus UK, the brand new heavy duty upright vacuum cleaners, the BT350 & BT450.


Hako revealed their new pre-sweep attachment for their Scrubmaster B310 ride-on scrubber drier, as well as previously mentioned, their brand new, state of the art HiOne automated robotic Pedestrian Scrubber Drier, which in addition to being automated, can be used just like a traditional pedestrian scrubber drier.


Inbetween numerous liaises with our suppliers, our Columbus UK director Mr Tanny Sinfield attended the stands of some prospective suppliers, from which Columbus UK identified as offering a product which we currently did not have in our extensive portfolio, one of which was Spanish based supplier Teinova, who were exhibiting their revolutionary food industry cleaning machine the Tegris I-foam.

Check back next week to the Columbus UK blog where we will review our visit to Interclean Amsterdam in greater depth!


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The Countdown to Amsterdam

[foogallery id=”2978″]

Antibacterial wipes “let bugs grow back in 20 minutes”

The antibacterial wipes we use in our homes only eradicate bacteria from kitchen surfaces for 20 minutes and using them to keep bacteria at bay is “an absolutely redundant” exercise, a scientist has said.

Dr Clare Lanyon, a biomedical scientist from Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne, said consumers may be wasting money on antibacterial wipes and sprays because common germs, which can replicate themselves in just 20 minutes, quickly recolonise to original mass, even if just a single cell is left over.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph after carrying out an experiment for a BBC television programme in the UK, Dr Lanyon said it was always important to clean up thoroughly after handling raw meat to minimise the risk of harmful “foreign organisms” spreading, but that this was most effectively done by scrubbing with soap.

On the programme she found “dramatic growth” of microbes within 12 hours of cleaning a regular kitchen surface with wipes. However she added keeping kitchen work surfaces germ free was impossible because germs are found throughout the home and rapidly repopulate.

“Personally I don’t waste my time purchasing antibacterial products for the home …  our research found that a lot of antibacterial cleaning products were not as effective as good old fashioned soap and water,” Dr Lanyon concluded.

State of the market

Following 3 years of marginal growth, the UK contract cleaning market accelerated between 2014 and 2016 in line with the economy.


Uncertainty caused by factors such as brexit means that this market growth is unlikely to be sustained over the next few years. Looking forward, demand is likely to be relatively buoyant in the transport sector, while the retail, commercial offices and the government sectors are likely to provide fewer opportunities, at least in the short term. These are the conclusions from AMA research.


The report states that contract cleaning is a mature market, covering both single and multi-service contracts, in the commercial, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, transport, local authorities and government sectors.


There has been an underlying trend towards greater levels of outsourcing over the last decade which has driven demand for the contracting out of cleaning services. Cleaning and hygiene services often form part of a total facilities management contract, typically comprising of around 12-15 percent of the contract value.


The report goes on to say that despite over 40,000 businesses operating in the cleaning industry, the market for contractors is dominated by a relatively small number of large IFS/IFM and multi service providers and large and medium sized specialist cleaning contractors. There is also a significant franchise sector in the market, as cleaning remains one of the most popular franchising opportunities, offering a relatively low cost investment, in a robust market with very few barriers to entry .




02/02/2018 Cleaning on all cylinders


If rotaries are arguably more versatile and productive, why are scrubber dryers often indispensable?


The answer’s largely cylindrical, explains Gordon McVean, international sales and marketing director

at Truvox International.

There are more ways than one to clean a Floor, and still produce consistently satisfactory Results. Rotaries and scrubber dryers both do it, day in, day out, which is why buyers sometimes struggle when choosing between them.


Often it’s not a matter of right or wrong, but what’s better, depending on the type and mix of floors, their usage, and the comparative advantages of the brush and disc technology used by scrubber dryers and rotaries respectively.


As a manufacturer producing both machine types, including variants on the two themes, we have an even-handed perspective on the cylindrical brush versus disc cleaning debate. Firstly, a quick summary of why we’re founder members of the rotary fan club.


Rotaries are one of the most common cleaning machines in use worldwide, and for good reasons. They can undertake a wide variety of cleaning tasks. Contract cleaners and facilities managers appreciate how cost-effective they can be.


And improvements in recent years have made them even easier to operate.

Discs, whether driven by a belt or directly, can achieve very high speeds for burnishing, but the 200-400rpm range is suited to cleaning and maintenance, when large swathes of hard flooring can be tackled in a comparatively short time. Productivity rates range from more than 400m2/hour to 560m2/hour.


Depending on the speed and pad or brush attached, a rotary can glide through diverse tasks, from spray cleaning and scrubbing to polishing and bonnet mopping carpets.

This versatility is one of the main drivers of their popularity. A strong claim to the versatility title can be made on behalf of the scrubber dryer too.


No, this type of machine cannot buff and polish hard floors like a rotary fitted with the appropriate pad or brush. But a machine like the Multiwash can wash, mop, scrub, and dry in one pass.


The machine is compact, with a 34cm brush width. Its low height and long reach makes it ideal for cleaning under desks and furniture. It turns in a highly respectable productivity of at least 350m2/hour.


Impressive though that is, the machine goes further. The Multiwash turns in the same consistently high cleaning results across such a range of surfaces, it’s the all-terrain machine of floor cleaning. Its territory ranges from laminates, vinyl tiles, and linoleum to concrete, marble, stone, and slate.


This wide range also includes some surfaces that are problematical for other cleaning machines, such as safety floors and those with rubber studs. Entrance matting and low-pile carpets too are well within the cleaning capabilities of the Multiwash, which can also take elevator and travelator cleaning in its stride, when equipped with a specialist brush.


How is this possible? It’s largely down to cylindrical brush technology. This provides effective cleaning of hard floors by deep scrubbing, using minimal moisture, to leave floors thoroughly clean.


A cylindrical scrubber dryer pumps cleaning solution onto the hard floor, scrubs the floor using counter-rotating brushes and then picks up the cleaning solution – either through the rotary action of the Multiwash or with the in-built vacuum and squeegee blades of the Solaris – so the floor is safe to walk on in minutes.


The Solaris can easily clean hard floors at a rate of 470m2/hour – more than three times the productivity of traditional mopping, with far superior results.


It has a 40cm cleaning width. Most scrubber dryers that use cylindrical cleaning will also be very quiet in operation, making the machines ideal for daytime cleaning when in use around customers, patients and staff at work.