Columbus UK F.A.Q's

Why should I choose Columbus UK

With our vast portfolio of equipment, flexible hire options and full UK mainland mobile service engineer cover,  we can offer tailor made solutions to your business for both single and multi-site requirements.

Our fleet of pedestrian and ride-on (battery, LPG and diesel-powered) sweepersscrubber dryers and industrial hot, cold and trailer mounted pressure washers means we can also provide nationwide support for any short term/casual or emergency machine requirements you may have, but we can also provide permanent, long-tern solutions tailored exactly to your business and your requirements.

Choose reliability and performace with Columbus UK

What areas do you cover

We supply machines and provide service support throughout the whole of the mainland UK utilising our own logistics fleet and mobile service engineers.

Why not just use a mop and bucket?

Though it might seem cost-effective initially, you will end up spending much more money long-term, especially when your floor begins to lose its attractiveness. Therefore, in a real sense, you will eventually use more resources to keep it in its current condition, as opposed to a scrubber dryer, which can restore a floors condition.

If anything, scrubber dryers are widely reputed to save considerable amounts time, compared to traditional cleaning methods since it covers a larger area within a shorter time, a perfect example of this would be the CTM Swift 50B Evo, with a scrubbing width of 20″ and non-tracing rubber wheels.

Should I hire or purchase a machine?

Hiring a sweeper or scrubber dryer is the ideal option for demanding applications and allows for greater flexibility should your site requirements change.

With our Flexi hire format you benefit from the machine being fully serviced and maintained for the duration of the hire and periodic machine rotation to ensure you always have an up to date machine that matches your operational needs.

If you prefer to outright purchase cleaning equipment, then we offer new, fully refurbished, and even ex-demonstration machines to match all budgets which can be supplied with a tailor made service & maintenance plan.

Contact us on 01325 371 439 an one of our team will be happy to help discuss the options.

Isn't is expensive to buy a cleaning machine?

It is easy to think that a scrubber dryer or sweeper is more expensive compared to traditional cleaning methods.

The fact is, that if you don’t take good care of your floor, you will spend more long-term trying to fix it compared to when you invest in the modern cleaning equipment. Therefore, scrubber dryers are more cost-effective in the long run.

In fact, you could have a pedestrian scrubber dryer on site permanently, from as little as £24.80 + VAT per month, including delivery.

What is included within the hire cost?

Our experienced and professional team deliver, set the machine up on site and provide full operator training.

During the hire period, all servicing, ongoing maintenance and breakdown response is included within the weekly rate. The initial set of scrub/sweeping brushes are supplied free with the hire machine and for most sites these would last a number of weeks, sometimes months.

If the hire extends for a longer period then the replacement consumables (eg – squeegee blades, scrub brushes, cleaning pads) would become chargeable.

What do I do if my machine isn’t working / develops a fault?

Contact one of our dedicated team on 01325 371 439 or email

We will provide initial phone advice which can often get you up and running however, in the event that it doesn’t rectify the issue, we will send one of our fully trained, mobile service engineers to site.

What is the main difference between a sweeper and scrubber dryer??

A sweeper removes and contains fine dust and debris from the floor whilst a scrubber dryer wet’s, cleans and drys the floor in a single pass.

If you are unsure of which machine you require please contact a member of our team on 01325 371 439 who will be happy to help.

What are your opening hours?

Our standard hours are 8.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday, out of hours calls can be logged on our answer phone at 01325 371 439 or emailed to and will be responded to by one of our team as soon as possible.