Get to know Ryan, our new Sales and Marketing Apprentice

We’re delighted to announce that we have a brand new member of the CTM team! Allow us to introduce you to Ryan, our Sales and Marketing Apprentice.


With interests in almost everything and anything, choosing just one career path for Ryan has proved to be a real challenge. After deciding to ‘have a stab’ at a variety of subjects, Ryan attended Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College in Darlington, to explore his talents and uncover new ones, where he studied ICT, Law, RE and Leisure. In the blink of an eye, two years of hard graft, revision and exams had flown over and Ryan was faced with the question of, “Do I stay in education?” or “Do I get a full time job?” Well, why should he choose one or the other when he can have the best of both worlds? The apprenticeship scheme is ideal for anyone like who wants to earn while they learn, which is why we set out to find the perfect candidate to join our marketing team.


Basketball – From school court to semi-professional

ryan action shot

Ryan in action

Ryan is a keen basketball player and has been shooting hoops since he was just a tot! His talent, passion and determination did not go unnoticed. As his skills developed, he went from playing for his school team, to competing in regional games and semi-professionally in the Under 18 Basketball Nationals with the Newcastle Eagles. He now plays for his local team, Richmond Vikings.

Fun Fact

Not only does he play basketball but he is a fanatic. (A basketball geek, if you like). He supports Chicago Bulls and stays up all hours to watch them play, rooting for his basketball idol, Derrick rose. Now that’s dedication!

So, aside from the fact that Ryan is confident and computer savvy, his drive and ambition to succeed in all aspects of life really appeals to us. We’re excited to have him on board for the next two years of his course and predict a bright future for him at CTM!