Going Green With Tesla

With the new year coming up Columbus Cleaning Machines are excited to announce that we are going to take an even greener look at our industry! Water recycling has and always be our bread and butter when it comes to being environmentally friendly, providing outstanding environmental and beneficial results for industries, not only do industries see an unbelievable results on their water consumption and water discharge they are saving the planet! Water recycling is extremely important to industries that use a lot of water saving them vast amounts of money and water but more importantly… allows them to go greener.

Although we are known to be green investing our time into providing water recycling to big industries we would like to take that a step further. from now on our employees with be driving the Eco friendly Tesla!

Tesla who are the manufacturers of performance electric cars, was named a recipient of the Global Green USA for their efficient and effective electric cars. Each year, Global Green recognizes advancements made in the industry, building, media and public policy that move the world toward a sustainable and secure future. Here at Columbus we would like to become a part of that future.