Hako at Interclean Amsterdam 2018 Day 4

One of the highlights of Columbus UK sales and marketing team was paying a visit to one of Columbus UK’s newest suppliers, the German manufacturer, Hako.

Columbus UK already has a specialist selection of Hako cleaning machines available, this is the result of Hako inviting the Columbus UK team down to one of their depots in Wakefield, where they kindly demonstrated some of the machines that Columbus UK was interested in adding to our extensive portfolio of products.


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When Columbus UK saw that Hako was exhibiting at this years Interclean Amsterdam, it was one more reason to visit, as we know that Hako would have some great and exciting new products to showcase, such as the new additions to the very successful “Scrubmaster” range of ride-on floor scrubber driers (video below), as well as Hako’s newest innovation in the field of robotics, the “Hi-One” automatic floor scrubber drier!

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Another Cleaning solution that was of interest for the Columbus UK team was that of the new Hako pre-sweep attachment module available for the Scrubmaster range of ride-on floor scrubber driers, which will combine the debris cleaning capability of a ride-on sweeper with the hard surface cleaning power of the Hako Sctubmaster ride-on scrubber driers.

Andy Boland – Columbus UK Technical Sales Manager

“I found the Hako exhibit to be a real eye-opener to just how far the professional cleaning industry has become. While at the Hako exhibit, I spoke to some of the representatives of Hako, such as Mark who talked us through all of Hako’s latest products, and was introduced to Hako’s “Minuteman” range of automatic and programmable ride-on scrubber driers. Also, the hospitality of Hako during our visit was exceptional, as was the free food and drink provided to visitors to the exhibit!”


For the next edition of the Columbus UK blog, we will be taking a look at one of our oldest and largest suppliers, Italian manufacturer, Santoemma!