If you’re in need of replacement parts for your cleaning machines, then you’ve come to the best place! Over time, it is common for cleaning equipment to suffer from general wear and tear of certain parts and components. Continuous and regular use of machines can cause components to simply wear out, such as batteries, engines and brushes etc.

Here at Columbus UK, you can source an extensive range of quality parts at affordable, competitive prices. And the even better news is that almost all of our parts are in stock right now for immediate same-day dispatch! If you own any of the following machines you’re inevitably going to need to replace a part or two, whether it be for your:

● Scrubber Drier
● Industrial sweeper
● Single-disc cleaning machine
● Industrial vacuum cleaner
● Pressure washer
● Steam generator

Struggling to find the right parts for your cleaning machine is understandably frustrating, but our team of trained professionals can easily guide you. When you hire or buy a cleaning machine from us, a service contract will be put in place covering the replacement or repair of wear and tear parts, all of which deliver on quality, suitability, and affordability.