Pedestrian Floor Scrubber Dryers

Columbus UK supplies only the highest, industrial quality pedestrian Scrubber Dryers for use in industrial environments.

The cleaning power of scrubber dryers for cleaning of hard floor surfaces is well known, as a result, we can offer a range of industrial scrubber driers, suitable for all applications.

A robust and versatile group of machines, scrubber dryers offer users greater cleaning results over a simple mop and bucket.

Scrubber Dryers penetrate the surface filth and the use of floor cleaning chemical, such as Virosol, eradicates bacteria and fungus while leaving a citrus smell afterwards.

Scrubber Dryers are invaluable in the healthcare and food industries among others where sanitizing and deep cleaning is of paramount importance.

As leading suppliers of commercial and industrial floor scrubber dryers, we can advise you on the most suitable scrubber dryer for your requirements.

Did you know, you can also hire a floor scrubber dryer for those one-off cleaning jobs?