Hako Citymaster 1250

Key Features

  • Universal stainless steel hopper

  • Cleaner with 3 brushes and water re-circulation system for improved efficiency

  • All-wheel drive

  • Travel speed of 30km/h

  • Articulated steering for improved manoeuvrability

  • Easy access for daily maintenance and care

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About the HAKO Citymaster 1250:

The Citymaster 1250 commands municipal cleaning tasks such as road-sweeping and city-cleaning with ease through its multiple-functioning and versatile abilities. This cleaning machine prides itself as being effective in both winter and grounds maintenance. It is robustly built with a steel chassis that is designed to be hydraulically articulated. And with four-wheel drive, the Citymaster 1250 is capable of confronting a wide scope of terrains.

In work mode you can reach speeds up to 16km/h, enforcing swiftness and agility. The user is kept in mind as the Citymaster 1250 boasts an adjustable air spring seat, ergonomically planned operating controls, and an adaptable steering column. You will not overheat during the warmer seasons with its sliding windows. Alternatively, you have to option of adding an air-conditioning unit. The diesel engine has been manufactured to provide the best in eco-friendliness when it comes to street cleaning.

The Citymaster 1250 is the most versatile cleaning machines in the industry for its tailorable mounting interfaces to satisfy your requirements. The cleaning operation is both extremely safe and ecological; the water system combines dust and clean exhaust air to create a cleaner environment (gaining an EUnited PM 10 certificate). As an incredibly proficient piece of street cleaning equipment, the 1250 is a clear necessity in your cleaning machine repertoire.

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