The CTM CDK G35 Single Disc Machine is designed so that the rotation speed and motor are perfectly set so that the single disc machine is applying a constant and effective pressure providing a deep scrub. This machine is constructed simplistically, put together with the perfect components and weight distribution allowing the best possible balance and ergonomic working posture. This means that the user can manoeuvre the CTM G35 with ease and requires next to no manual labour.

The CTM CDK G35 Single Disc Machine has a range of pads, ergonomic handle, practical and simple to use, safety controls, strong handle joint, powerful and noiseless motor, adaptable. With the brush speed of 400 RPM and a scrubbing width of 330 mm the CTM CDK G35 is definitely a strong reliable and effective single disc machine.


 Click here to download the CDK G35 Information page.


  • Type – high speed
  • Absorbed power – 550W
  • Scrubbing width – 330-13` mm
  • Brush speed – 400 RPM
  • Brush contact pressure – 36.7 g/cm²
  • Cable length – 10 m
  • Voltage – 230 V ~ 50 hz
  • Dimensions – 420 x 340 x 1120 (L x I x H mm)
  • Weight – 28 kg


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