The CTM Kron L2 ride on scrubber drier is designed for the deep and effective cleaning of medium and large areas, cleaning up to 7000 m² worth, which is important in reducing cleaning cost and labour.
This machine is very compact and has excellent maneuverability like our pedestrian range. The Kron provides a constant pressure more than 120-170 kg on the brushes to give a consistent clean.
The Kron also has a large load tank capacity of 300L, due to this it allows the machine to work longer without having to stop and maximizes the effectiveness when in use.
The Kron is stable even when fully loaded, built with motor wheels granting optimal and reliable performance for over 30,000 hours. This easy to use, efficient, well designed and maneuverable machine is designed for intensive work that is able to be used by anyone.
 Click here to download the Kron L2 Information page.


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