Key Features:

  • 32kg of constant pressure on the brushes

  • easy access to electrical components

  • self-levelling brush plate

  • 85l capacity water tank

  • 66cm of counter-rotating brush width

  • Click here to download the CTM Kron Pico Brochure page




The CTM Pico 66 ride on industrial floor scrubber drier is the smallest and most compact system within our range of ride on industrial floor scrubber driers, but with the smaller profile, come greater manoeuvrability, greater ease of use and easier storage without significantly impacting on cleaning ability.

Suitable for work in small to medium industrial areas such as Industrial Kitchens, Schools, Hospitals, Sports Halls, gyms, Factories, Warehouses, Airports and for contract cleaners in many environments, the CTM Pico 66 is capable of delivering the highest standards of cleanliness, whilst possessing incredibly agility and manoeuvrability to clean in areas not accessible to more larger machines.