CTM Leonis

Key Features:

  • Operator-friendly Control Panel

  • Available in Battery or Cable Versions

  • Easy access & service of all components

  • Adjustable solution release with automatic cut-off

  • Removable recovery tank

  • Automatic brush attachment and release

  • Narrow-bodied with 300° squeegee spin

  • Available in Grey and Orange

  • Available in cable and battery-powered versions

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The CTM Leonis pedestrian floor scrubber drier is the smallest unit within our range of floor scrubber driers, but with the smaller profile, come greater manoeuvrability, greater ease, manoeuvrability and easier storage.

Suitable for work in highly congested areas such as small shops, offices, kitchens, schools, hospitals, bars, gyms, restaurants and many more environments.

the CTM Leonis is capable of delivering the highest standards of cleanliness, whilst having incredibly agility and manoeuvrability to clean in areas not accessible to more larger machines.

CTM Leonis
CTM Leonis
CTM Leonis
CTM Leonis
CTM Leonis