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The CTM MCHPV 2021 LP is an extremely well designed machine. The MCHPV 2021 has an electric motor that transfers the same number of revolutions to the pump with its 4 pole motor, it means that the rotation speed is lower granting longer pump life extending the lifetime of the machine.

This machine has been created to avoid quick and multiple start and shut down of the motor/pump whenever the gun trigger is pulled and released this disposal delays about 15 seconds the machine shut down making sure that it isn’t used  preventing unnecessary damage to extend the pump life and save energy.

Alongside the total stop feature this machine has been designed with a pressure accumulator this means that the release of the gun trigger produces a strong counter-stroke in the pump. This device amortizes this power with great benefit for the pump components and for the user because it removes all the vibrations.

The MCHPV 2021 has a linear pump allowing the 3 pistons to occur through a system of connecting rods and crankshafts letting the machine become more versatile to bear high delivery rates.

The MCHPV 2021 is complete with its water cooled motor allowing water to flow through the S/S coil around the motor; this allows a better thermal exchange than air. Making sure there is a drop in operating temperature of the motor and pump granting a better reliability and longer life.

The MCHPV 2021 LP is the most powerful and well designed cabinet pressure washer allowing the user to clean to the highest possible standard.


Click here to download MCHPV 2021 LP – Information page.


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