Foamtec 70

Key Features

Solution Tank Capacity: 70 litres

Recovery Tank Capacity: 70 litres

Vacuum Motor: 1000W 2 Stage x 1 | 2200mm H20 | 100L/sec (max)

Pump: Piston type, adjustable | 28 bar (400psi) (max) | 4L/min (max)

Water Consumption: 70L/120m2

Chemical Consumption: 1200g/120m2

Cable Length: 10 metres

Hose Assembly Length: 7.5 metres

Construction Material: Expanded polyethylene

Machine Weight: 95kg

Machine Size: 500 x 890 x 1150mm

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Foamtec 70 is the largest model in the range of machines in the Foamtec systems. This machine allows for complete cleaning and sanitizing of public restrooms by spraying foam, rinsing, then vacuuming. Clean a room with 120m2 of tiles plus 20 sanitary fixtures in approximately just 25 minutes!

The cleaning process is carried out through four stages:

1. Spraying of a chemical solution on all the surfaces to be cleaned

2. Chemical action

3. Rinsing with clean water

4. Vacuuming of residual liquid from the floor