Idro Foam Rinse 400

The cleaning process is carried out through four stages:

• The Spraying of dense foam to the surfaces that require cleaning
• The action of the chemical within the foam
• The rinsing of said surfaces, removing all residual foam and chemical
• Vacuuming/draining of residual water and chemical from the floor (vacuum not included).

The water used for foaming and rinsing is directly taken from the network allowing the machine to have unlimited autonomy, alongside the internal air compressor letting you produce foam with an optimal density. It is not necessary to connect the machine to an external compressed air system.

Places where the Idrofoam 400 can be used:

• Pubs, discotheques, motorways café
• FactoriesShopping centres, exhibition halls
• Cinemas, theatres, stadiums, arenas
• Nursing homes, hospitals
• Schools, universities
• City public WC, public showers
• Ferries, cruise ships
• Fitness centres, swimming pools, saunas, spas
• Any other restroom open to the public.

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