HYDROJET stationary high-pressure system.

Important issues for industrial cleaning are: reliability, user friendly, easy maintenance and a long life span. Waterkracht developed the Hydrojet especially for those demanding customers. Over the last decades, this system has abundantly proven its quality, if necessary even 24 hours on end. This high quality high-pressure system can easily be connected to a high-pressure piping system with one or multiple draw-of taps.

Depending on the pump choice and the model, multiple persons can use the available capacity at once. The Hydrojet installation is frequency controlled, which means that the net water yield is exactly matched to the number of people simultaneously using the system at a constant pressure. This technically sophisticated system always delivers the required capacity. A smart mini computer controls the start and stop sequence and all the safety procedures.
This high efficiency, low maintenance, robust high-pressure system is available in various capacities (pressure and volume) and from 11kW up to max.30kW. The Hydrojet is equipped with the best available components, such as a industrial high pressure pump and durable electric motor.

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HydroJetVersion  Pressure bar Volume LTR/min Temp. Max°C R.P.M Power kW VoltageVolt/hz
KE22/24/28/30 100 61 55 1450 11 400/50
KE24/28/30 125 61 55 1450 15 400/50
KE 150/61 150 61 55 1450 18,5 400/50
AQ 110/50 110 50 55 1450 11 400/50
KF 80/93 80 93 55 1000 15 400/50
KF 90/105 90 108 55 1000 18,5 400/50
KF 85/135 85 135 55 1450 22 400/50



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