1211 LP

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The CTM MCHPV 1211 LP is an extremely well designed machine. The MCHPV 1211 has an electric motor that transfers the same number of revolutions to the pump with its 4 pole motor, it means that the rotation speed is lower granting longer pump life extending the lifetime of the machine.

This machine has been created with total stop meaning that if the gun trigger is released the pumps will stop automatically avoiding elements of damage during the by-pass phase, the high pressure cleaner starts automatically for max pump protection.

The MCHPV 1211 has a linear pump allowing the 3 pistons to occur through a system of connecting rods and crankshaft letting the machine become more versatile to bear high delivery rates.

The MCHPV 1211 LP is the most powerful and well designed cabinet pressure washer allowing the user to clean to the highest possible standard


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