Colorado 518

COLORDO 518 hot water high pressure unit

The COLORDO 518 hot water high pressure unit is equipped with an industrial – liquid cooled – Kubota diesel engine which is connected directly to the Aquabar ® high pressure pump by a gearbox.

The diesel engine is equipped with a heat exchanger, connected to the primary cooling  system of the engine, the secondary water tank and the suction side of the high pressure pump. The preheated water is subsequently – by a high-pressure high-efficiency heating coil – brought to the desired final temperature. With this Waterkracht Ecoboiler system, you save up to 20% fuel consumption.

As a standard, the COLORADO is equipped with a “Waterkracht-zero pressure control system” which ensures that; when closing the gun, the high pressure drops across the whole pressure group…. from the high pressure gun up to the high pressure pump, also including the hose. When resuming the cleaning job, the workload of the installation immediately restores the required pressure.

Click here to download the WaterKracht Colorado specification.




System Capacity
Water delivery performance 18 litres /minute maximum
Design pressure 500 bar
Working pressure Adjustable to 500 bar ®
Water temperature adjustable to 98°C, either Boiling Hot water Technique at the nozzle


High pressure pump
Type High pressure three piston pump
Brand – Type Aquabar 500/18
Input speed Up to 1500 RPM
Capacity Max. 500 bar 18 litres / minute
Asked drive capacity Max 19 kW/ 25 HP
Plunger Material Ceramic
Materials valves Stainless steel
Pump head material Brass
Pump drive By gear reduction box


Diesel engine
Type Water cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine
Brand Kubota
Type D1105-E
Maximum rpm 1500 – 3000 rpm
Maximum power 20,5 kW / 28 HP


Heating system
Type Diesel Fuelled high-pressure coil
Model Ecoboiler – 12 Volts
Maximum working pressure 500 Bar
Heating capacity Sufficient for 18 litre/Min. Up to 100°C.




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