CTM Windy 120IF

The CTM Windy 120 IF is a stainless steel wet and dry vacuum that is extremely durable and very manoeuvrable. The Windy 120 IF is designed for everyday industrial use. This machine is a professional vacuum and is extremely reliable and effective to provide the highest standard of cleaning.


The CTM Windy 120 IF comes with a high efficiency by pass motor, suction system with bypass cooling, S/S tank, liquid float valve, cloth filter, 7.5 m power cable, Accessories Ø 35, handy accessory holder. The Windy 120 IF is able to provide the best results and is used throughout multiple industries.



CTM Windy 120IF
voltage 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz
n°motors – power (max) 1 – 1200 (1400) W
column depression 24 kPa/2400 mmHO
air suction 65 l/s
total volume/dust/liquid 20 l./14 l./16 l.
dimension/weight 35x35x66 cm / 8 kg