The Windy range of industrial wet & dry vacuum cleaners is the commercial vacuum cleaners line suitable for wet and dry applications: three models equipped with 1 up to 3 professional single-stage motors (from 1,2 up to 3,6 kW), stainless steel or anti-shock plastic tank, tilting or fixed tank.

Windy’s are mainly designed for daily light industrial use and are perfectly suited to the most common demand of cleaning contractors, garages, workshops and small commercial premises.

They are equipped with the new manual RF (reverse flow) filter cleaning system, granting high cleaning efficiency and longer lifespan of the motors.

Practical in every situation, the new Windy range offers accessories holder, cable holder and a new rotating ON/OFF switch, simple and resistant to daily use.

Equipped with professional accessories and professional specifications, the Windy 130 IF is the answer to your cleaning problems!