Sweeping Schools by Storm

Educating companies, business, and industries has inspired us to create a school special offer! Taking care of your floor is extremely important making sure that you are able to keep your work environment in a pristine condition with minimal effort, we have created this offer to give you all the essentials for any situation in Schools. Below you can find some our top tip that we have to offer about floor care and what benefits this offer brings.

school-special-package (please click to enlarge)

Top tip and benefits:

  • This offer will clean any type of flooring
  • Low noise to not disturb classrooms during lessons
  • Operator friendly
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Battery options to prevent cable hazards
  • Easy transportation

The most important tip we can give you although it may sound simple is to stay on top of cleaning! Even though floors may not seem dirty or “in need of a clean” dirt and bacteria will build up more and more over time which means that when you come to cleaning the floors it is not getting cleaned fully and there will be a bit of that build up left over. We suggest that you have a rotary of when you clean the floors which will drastically reduce time and keep your floors sparking.

If you would like any more information or would like to find out more on the offer please give us a ring on 01325 371439.