Trouble with Graffiti?

Columbus Cleaning Machines has been solving the problem of graffiti for a while now but there are still companies and business that do not know about our wonderful products. We are the UK distributors for Waterkracht trailer pressure washers, The range of waterkracht pressure washers go up to 500 bar pressure and has up to an 1000 litre water tank allowing the user to cater for all needs. but what makes thisĀ machineĀ great for graffiti?

Waterkracht specialist in the boiling hot water technique which they call “soft cleaning” the main focus of these trailer pressure washers is to get rid of graffiti, chewing gum and other forms of dirt with heat instead of power, which works like a dream. with the correct heat these trailer pressure washers only need to use around 100 bars pressure which allows users to clean in a safe manner making sure walls, stone, brick or other objects that has graffiti is not damaged when being cleaned.

With this ability users can clean all types of walls, statues, car parks etc. and have extra power if necessary to get rid of any problems. We have linked a video below to show you how fantastic this machine really is.

If you would like to know more or are interested in the Waterkracht range please have a look at the products in further detail HERE or give us a call on 01325 371439