Water Recycling Show and Exhibition in Amsterdam

In the UK, we take water for granted, and many of us often don’t realise how much water we waste on a daily basis. We’re not talking about leaving the tap running when brushing our teeth, or taking extra-long showers. We’re talking about the gallons of water that is wasted by industrial companies every single day. That’s why we go to great lengths to help preserve and recycle water! We do this by providing water recycling systems to companies across the UK, to help them collect wastewater, and reuse it! Not only do our systems recycle water, but they are also great for recycling chemicals in water and reducing the amount of chemicals used. Find out more water facts here.

CTM UK have been distributing water recycling systems for Wasserschmidt over 3 years, and during that period we’ve noticed a significant increase in a demand for water recycling systems.That’s why our Managing Director Tanny, and Sales and Marketing Apprentice Ryan, decided to take a spontaneous trip to Amsterdam earlier this month, to learn more about water recycling and meet up with some of the members from Wasserschmidt and Waterkracht.

Tanny and Ryan caught an early flight from Leeds/Bradford Airport to Schiphol during the early hours of the morning. After a post-flight pit stop and a quick bite to eat in the Netherlands’ main International Airport, it was straight down to business as the pair jumped on a train to Rai for an annual Water Recycling Show and Exhibition. Tanny introduced Ryan to some of the Senior Members of Wasserschmidt, Jakob Van Nimwegen and Dietmar Schmidt. Following the exhibition, Tanny and Ryan arranged to catch up with Sebastian from Waterkracht. It’s fair to say plenty of coffee was consumed while the trio chatted about some exciting new machines and products!

We’ve been distributing water recycling systems for Wasserschmidt in the UK for over three years, and are now the biggest distributors of Wasserschmidt systems in the UK! We have also been distributing for the Dutch cleaning solutions company, Waterkracht for many years, and are proud to offer environmentally friendly cleaning machines here in the UK!

Want to find out more about how water recycling could benefit your business and the environment? Give us a call on 01325 489964, we’d be more than happy to help!