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Here at CTM, we care for water. Did you know that approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water? That’s a lot! So it’s no wonder that in this modern day and age that many of us take fresh, clean water for granted. In the UK, on average, 1 person uses 149 litres of water a day. That’s over 54, 000 litres of water per year! If that’s how much water one person uses, then how much does a large scale industrial company use? And more importantly how much do they waste?

Water recycling Earth

Water Recycling

What is water recycling and why should we do it?

Water recycling is the treatment of former wastewater to remove solids and impurities, such as dirt, rocks and chemicals. Essentially, it is a way of creating a sustainable water supply to high usage industries.

Among the many benefits of this process means the increasing industrial and environmental demands for water  can be met. The treated water is then utilized to be re-used through industrial pressure washer systems that have a high demand for water. The recycled water is used in this way to prevent it being discharged back into oceans, rivers and lakes.

Our latest success story – Volkswagen

We are delighted to announce that we have just completed the service on the Water Recycling System we installed at the Volkswagen New Car Processing Plant in Sheerness, Kent.

We quickly identified Volkswagen’s needs for water recycling and installed them a Bio Reactor System which is now saving them 95% water usage which is having a massive impact both financially and environmentally.

CTM are UK distributors for Wasserschmidt

Wasserschmidt are a market leaders in the design and manufacturing of water recycling systems. CTM have now been distributing for Wasserschmidt in the UK for over 3 years and we are proud to be able to provide cost effective and environmentally friendly systems to our customers.

Our level of expertise and support combined with Wasserschmidt’s advanced systems are suited to any industry that use high volumes of water. For example, the BioClassic system is specifically designed for recycling mineral oil wastewater from vehicle cleans and maintenance.


Photo credit: Wasserschmidt

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